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Official Statement from the Minister for Luck

“Hello, I’m the Minister for Luck coming to you from the Ministry of Luck! It’s my job to manage Britain’s precious reserves of good fortune and make sure you always have enough luck to maintain your winning streaks and bag those jackpots. Every time you win on any casino, slots or games, the luck reserves in the nation’s vaults are reduced a little. But here at the Ministry of Luck, we know more than any other gaming establishment about how to keep you topped up with the luck you all want to keep on winning.

“So what better place to play than here at the only official Ministry of Luck Casino, where you can have fun and win as much as you like, safe in the knowledge that while you are winning we are working well into the night to keep the luck coming your way.

“But hurry now, because there’s only so much luck to go around!”

Minister for Luck

The Only Official Online & Mobile Casino, Slots & Jackpot Games Approved by the Ministry of Luck!